National Rally

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National Rally
RN logo.png
Full Name: National Rally
(Rassemblement national)
Alias: RN
Origin: France
Foundation: October 5, 1972
Headquarters: Paris, France
Commanders: Jean-Marie Le Pen (1972-2011)
Marine Le Pen (2011-present)
Goals: Stop the entry of immigrants (ongoing)
Crimes: Corruption
Hate Speech

The National Rally (Rassemblement national; RN), until June 2018 known as the National Front (Front national; FN) is an economically protectionist, socially conservative nationalist party in France. The party was founded in 1972, seeking to unify a variety of French nationalist movements of the time. Jean-Marie Le Pen was the party's first leader and the undisputed centre of the party from its start until his resignation in 2011.