National Alliance

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National Alliance
Flag of National Alliance 02.svg.png
Alias: NA
Foundation: 1974
Headquarters: Hilsboro, West Virginia, United States
Commanders: William Luther Pierce
Kevin Strom
Erich Gliebe
Goals: Spread racist propaganda
Crimes: Anti-Semitism
Holocaust denial
Type of Villain: White supremacist organization

White revolution, is the ONLY soloution!
~ William Luther Pierce

The National Alliance (NA) were an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization founded in 1974 by William Luther Pierce. It was at one point, the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, with an estimated membership of 2,500 and an annual income of $1 million in 2002. Membership had declined greatly after Pierce's death in 2002. While the group had disbanded as a "membership organization" in 2013, they are still revered among white supremacists today, particular Pierce himself.


The National Alliance was founded in 1974 from a previous group called the National Youth Alliance. William Luther Pierce had previously worked as a physics professor at various colleges before founding the group. In the early years, he was notable for writing the novel The Turner Diaries in 1978 which has been described as the "bible of the racist right". Pierce later wrote another novel called Hunter in 1989 which he dedicated to serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, who murdered several black people and Jews in a span of killings. Both novels have inspired several hate crimes, most notably the Oklahoma City Bombing committed by Timothy McVeigh in 1995. The group grew even further in membership throughout the 80s and 90s. Pierce started a short-wave radio program called American Dissident Voices in 1991 which was heard worldwide. The NA were also one of the first hate groups to utilize the internet to recruit people and spread propaganda, which helped them grow even further. Members across the country distributed pamphlets and flyers to help recruit more members, with members in 20 states handing out over 70,000 leaflets in just five days in June of 2002.

In 1999, the NA purchased the white power music label Resistance Records for $250,000 and eventually rose to dominate the white power music scene. In addition to music, Resistance Records even developed two video games to promote the neo-Nazi ideology. The first game entitled Ethnic Cleansing was released in 2002, and in the game players control either a neo-Nazi soldier, skinhead, or Klansman and go around killing black people, Mexicans, and Jews, all of which are portrayed in a very racist manner. Most notoriously, when the player kills black people, they screech like monkeys when killed. It was released on Martin Luther King Day and was sold on the Resistance Records website for $14.88. The second game, released in 2003 was called White Law. Should be noted that unlike the Ethnic Cleansing, the player does not actually play as a neo-Nazi but rather a typical SWAT officer, yet all of the evil and wrong doings are committed by blacks and Jews which again are portrayed in racist ways. White Law was based off of the novel The Turner Diaries and Resistance Records had planned a whole series of games based off of the novel but these were all cancelled for unknown reasons Both games have been heavily criticized for its racist content, poor graphics and gameplay, and are widely considered to be some of the worst video games of all time. Resistance Records though would go on to make two more hate-filled games called ZOG's Nightmare, along with its sequel. However, the NA did not have any involvement with these two titles, but rather the National Socialist Movement instead.

After Pierce's death, Erich Gliebe, a boxer who fought under the name: "The Aryan Barbarian", was elected the new leader of the NA. In April 2005 Kevin Strom, another key member, called for Gliebe to step down due to his poor leadership and management of the group. This resulted in a clash between members and various power struggles followed, resulting in heavy loss of members and money. During this time, Storm founded another group called The National Vanguard as a splinter group in 2005.. Storm would later be arrested for possession of child pornography in 2007 and was sentenced to 23 months in prison in April 2008. The NA and National Vanguard declined even further during this time. In 2013, the group's headquarters in Mill Point, West Virginia were later put up for sale.