Natasha Cornett

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Natasha Cornett
Natasha Cornett.jpg
Full Name: Natasha Wallen Cornett
Alias: "Ah-Satan"
Devil's Daughter
Origin: Pike County. Kentucky, United States
Occupation: N/A
Skills: Manipulation
Hobby: Listening to music
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Murderer

Natasha Wallen Cornett (January 26th, 1979 - ) is an American criminal currently serving a sentence of life without parole at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville for her involvement in the Lillelid murders. Professionals involved with troubled teens see the life of Natasha Cornett as a warning of the failures of the school, mental health and criminal justice systems in preventive treatment.

Early Years

Natasha Cornett was born on January 26th, 1979 in rural Eastern Kentucky. From early childhood, Natasha lived in an unsecured environment. Her mother, Madonna Wallen, was not married to Natasha's biological father and had instead conceived Natasha through an affair with a police officer named Roger Burgess. Cornett's parents divorced not long after Natasha's conception. Madonna, with her daughter, moved into a trailer together where Madonna raised Natasha as a single mother.

Educational Career and Mental Health

In Junior High School, Natasha was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anorexia nervosa after hospitalization. Few resources were available in assisting Cornett with her mental health due to the expenses of health insurance. Natasha dropped out of high school during her freshman year.

As her mental health problems emerged, Natasha grew interested in the Goth subculture. She listened to "doom-ridden" music, dressed in black clothing, and developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Natasha also engaged in self-injurious behaviors such as cutting.

The Murder of the Lillelid Family

Growing bored of her own life in Kentucky, Natasha encountered a group of four other teenagers who engaged in similar destructive behaviors and the group planned to emigrate concomitantly from Kentucky to New Orleans. The teens' plans took a more sinister turn upon a chance encounter with a family of Jehovah's Witnesses at a rest area in Greeneville, Tennessee. After a short conversation, the teens kidnapped the family, drove out to a deserted Tennessee road, and shot the Lillelid family members one by one. The eldest, 34-year-old Vidar Lillelid, was the first of the victims, followed by 28-year-old Delphine Lillelid, 6-year-old Tabitha Lillelid, and 2-year-old Peter Lillelid. Delphine and Vidar were pronounced dead at the scene, while Tabitha died on the way to the hospital. The only survivor was Peter Lillelid, who had sustained severe injuries to one of his eyes.


  • Vidar Lillelid, 34
  • Delphine Lillelid, 28
  • Tabitha Lillelid, 6