Mswati III

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Mswati III
Full Name: Makhosetive
Alias: Mswati III
Occupation: King
Skills: Absolute authoritative power over Swaziland

Vast ill gotten wealth

Hobby: Marrying New Wives (sometimes after kidnapping

Buying expensive cars and other luxury

Goals: Crush all dissent against his rule and stay on the Throne Indefinitely

Life in opulence at the expense of his subjects (all ongoing)

Crimes: Torture

Rape (Allegedly)

Type of Villain: Corrupt monarch

King Makhosetive, better known as Mswati III, is the current king of Swaziland/eSwatini. Born in Manzini 4 months before Swaziland's independence from the United Kingdom, he attended Swazi royal schools during his childhood. He was 14 years old when his father died in 1982, and Mswati spent the next 4 years in Sherbone College, UK for education until he was summoned back to the homeland to be officially crowned king at age 18.

While Mswati lives a lavish, rich lifestyle with his net worth of $200,000,000, his country stands on the edge of economic collapse, plus 63% of its population living in starvation and poverty. His regime has exercised illegal executions, unwarranted detainments, arbitrary house theft, harassment of activists, restricted freedom of speech and overall intense corruption. He is married to 15 wives at the same time, one of which being a then 18-year-old girl he suddenly abducted from a high school in 2002. Mswati also once attempted to suggest a law where HIV positive citizens would be branded with an iron.