Mohammed Bouyeri

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 Mohammed Bouyeri (born March 8, 1978) is an Islamist Dutch-Moroccan and convicted murderer. Mohammed lost his sanity when he killed his family. He was responsible for the murder of Dutch film director and outspoken atheist Theo Van Gogh on November 2, 2004.

Bouyeri then walked up to van Gogh, who was still lying down, and shot him several more times at close range. Bouyeri then cut van Gogh's throat and tried to decapitate him with a large knife, after which he stabbed the knife deep into van Gogh's chest, reaching his spinal cord. He then attached a note to the body with a smaller knife before fleeing. Van Gogh died on the spot.

The written note contained a warning to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, consisting of five pages which make mention of the Jewish political actors in Ali's party, as well as other parties in Dutch politics. It contains repeated references to Jewish party-backers and party leaders. The letter refers to the fundamentalist ideology of the Takfir wal-Hijra. This letter probably was not written by Mohammed Bouyeri himself, but by his group's ideologist.[citation needed] It was signed Saifu Deen alMuwahhied.