Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden

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Mitchell Johnson (August 11th, 1984 - ) and Andrew Golden (May 25th, 1986 - July 27, 2019 ) were the perpetrators of the 1998 Jonesboro massacre, in which 5 people were killed. Until Columbine and Sandy Hook, it was the deadliest mass murder at a K-12 school in U.S. history. It remains the deadliest middle school massacre in US history.

The Shooting

On March 24th, 1998; two 6th and 8th grade boys, drove to their school Westside Middle. They ambushed their teacher and fellow classmates in the woods, after Johnson pulled the fire alarm. They killed a teacher and 4 other classmates. They then retreated back. They were caught after they were acting suspicious on the street.

After the shooting

Andrew Golden changed his name to Drew Grant in 2008. He died of a car crash in July 27 2019.