Michael Stone

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Michael Stone
Full Name: Michael Vincent Stone
Alias: "Big Stone"
Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Drug dealer
Skills: Unknown
Hobby: Unknown
Goals: Unknown
Crimes: Drug dealing and murderer
Type of Villain: Gangster

Michael Vincent "Big" Stone (1955 - May 30, 1998) was a Corner Pocket gang member, drug dealer, and murderer. Big Stone and two others were killed in a shootout in 1998.


Big Stone and his nephew, Jerry "J-Dog" Stone, were at a car wash. J-Dog then got into a verbal fight with two other men in a car about money the gang owed over cocaine. One of the men, Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, then pulled out a pistol and shot J-Dog twice in the chest killing him. Big Stone and a few other gang members began firing back. Big Stone shot Baby Lane in the chest. The other man, Michael "Lil Owl" Dorrough took Baby Lane's pistol and shot Big Stone three times in the torso.

Big Stone died a day later after the shootout. J-Dog and Orlando was killed at the scene. Lil Owl was arrested and is currently serving three life sentences for the murders.