Michael Reinoehl

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Michael Forest Reinoehl (born May 17, 1972- died September 3, 2020) lived in Clackamas, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon and had two children. Reinoehl had described himself as an anti-fascist activist and Antifa supporter as well as a professional snowboarder and an Army veteran, although an Army spokesperson said there were no records indicating Reinoehl had served in the Army.When his snowboarding career waned, Reinoehl had worked as a construction contractor.

On 29 August 2020, Donald Trump supporter Aaron Danielson was shot and killed while crossing the road trying to get away from an Antifa rally. Reinoehl was identified as the shooter thanks to a video of the attack on social media. After being tracked down by Vice, he admitted to the killing, claiming Danielson had been armed despite no weapon being found on him.

Reinoehl was indicted on charges of second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon on Thursday September 3, 2020. Agents from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service located him in Lacey, Washington, a suburb of Olympia, Washington, and he was shot and killed later that day, between 6:45 and 7:30 p.m., by members of a federal law enforcement task force.

His sister has said about his death that she was "relieved’ feds killed him."