Michael McPherson

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Michael McPherson is an acid attacker from London who permanently scarred a man in an unprovoked attack at a cinema in August 2015. He and his friend Lee Bates had been to see Straight Outta Compton. As they left they approached Samir Hussain at random, one saying to him "You've seen a gangster movie; you can see gangsters now."

Both men punched Hussain before McPherson got a container of acid from his car and threw it at the victim's face; Hussain suffered severe burns but his sight was saved after he raised his hands to try and protect himself.

The pair were charged in September that year and admitted involvement. The court sentenced Bates, who was uninvolved in the acid attack itself, to a conditional discharge which means he faces no further consequences provided he adheres to various conditions. McPherson was jailed for eight years.