Michael McLendon

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Michael McLendon
Full Name: Michael Kenneth McLendon
Origin: Southern Alabama, United States
Occupation: Pilgrim Foods poultry plant worker (formerly)
Skills: Familiarity with various types of guns and military equipment
Goals: Unknown, possibly revenge against people who he believed had wronged him
Crimes: Mass murder
Animal cruelty
Type of Villain: Mass Shooter

Michael Kenneth McLendon (September 19, 1980-March 10, 2009) was an American mass murder and spree killer who went on a massacre in Geneva County, Alabama.

At 3:30 PM, Michael shot and killed his mom Lisa and their 3 dogs and then proceed to light the house on fire.

He left Kinston where he lived and drove to Samson where his uncle James White lived, once arriving at the house Michael killed James, his cousin Tracy, and his nephew Dean. Michael also shot at neighbor Andrea Myers who was with her 4-month-old baby Ella and 18-month-old Corrine and while Ella survived from her wounds, Andrea and Corrine were killed, Michael also killed his 74-year-old grandma Virginia.

Michael left his uncle's house and began to shoot from his car, he killed Sonya Smith at a gas station and then killed Bruce Malloy on the highway as he drove past, he then killed James Starling as he tried to run away from him. He also fired shots at a the parking lots of Walmart and a Piggly-Wiggly but no one was hit. He then drove to his old workplace at a metals factory and shot himself in the head.

Witnesses said that McLendon was disturbed by his parents' divorce years ago, and had been depressed about his failure to start a career and disappointed that he had failed to qualify for the U.S. Marines or law enforcement. He had recently complained that his mother was not getting enough support from her family. At the time of the shooting, officials did not know where his father was. Detectives discovered a handwritten list by McLendon in his home which identified several people from previous jobs, with notations about their actions or comments against him, described as people who "had either disciplined him or had reported him to supervisors for work related infractions". The Alabama Bureau of Investigation noted that none of the people named in the list was among those he killed, but police were trying to determine if he had intended to attack them.

Investigators found a letter in which McLendon said he had killed his mother and planned to commit suicide. The letter also noted he was having a dispute over a legal issue with his mother's family, as they held a family Bible that he wanted. He said that he and his mother had "suffered enough".

McLendon was described as very familiar with guns. The investigators "found dozens of ammunition boxes, military and survival gear and medical supplies at McLendon's Kinston home"