Michael Dunn

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Michael Dunn
Full Name: Michael David Dunn
Enemies: African Americans
Crimes: Murder

Attempted Murder

Type of Villain: Racist Killer

Michael Dunn was a white supremacist who killed a 17 year old black man in November 2012 for his music. He was looking at Jordan at the street just like Trayvon Jordan was having a hoodie and listening his music. When Dunn follow Jordan Michael Dunn point a gun on the innocent unarmed teenager. But compared to Trayvon some witnesses identified Dunn as the murderer. he was not guilty for the first degree murder but the jury found him guilty for the second degree murder. Michael Dunn was sentenced to sixty years in jail where he go to be for the rest of his life. But in his second trial in 2014 he was again accused for the first degree murder. And the jury didn't believe the story he was not guilty. After hearing the witnesses again he was found guilty for the first and second degree murder. And was spending his life in jail now.