Michael Carneal

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Michael Carneal
Full Name: Michael Adam Carneal
Alias: The Prayer Slayer
Origin: Paducah, Kentucky
Occupation: Student
Goals: To kill people (succeeded)
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: School Shooter

Michael Adam Carneal (born July 1, 1983) was the perpetrator of the Heath High School shooting. He had been a victim of school bullying which contributed to the shooting. He wrapped a shotgun and a rifle in cloth to pass it off as an art project. Upon reaching the school, Carneal inserted earplugs and opened fire at a youth prayer group, killing 3 young girls and injuring 5 other students. Realizing that he had lost his sanity, apparently awaking from the delirium, he appeared shocked and said “Kill me, please. I can’t believe I did that.” He surrendered himself to the school principal while police brought him away.

This incident was the subject of a lawsuit against the entertainment industry filed by Jack Thompson, blaming violent video games and movies for the deaths. It was dismissed on the grounds of free speech. Carneal was extremely remorseful for his actions and even asked the judge to give him a second trial when his mental health improved.

In October 1998, Carneal pleaded guilty by reason of insanity, and he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of prison after 25 years. On September 26, 2022, the parole board denied his parole application, so Carneal will spend the rest of his life in prison.[1]