Maury Travis

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Maury Travis
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Full Name: Maury Troy Travis
Alias: Missouri Killer
Occupation: Dead
Goals: Murder
Type of Villain: Torturer

Maury Troy Travis (October 25th, 1965 - June 10th, 2002) was an American serial killer who killed 2 to 17 women. The case gained national fame when it was reveled that he recorded torturing women. He made them call him master. The video that showed him choking a women to death was named "Your Wedding Day". The video starts with a wedding. It then cuts to a naked women in chains. He abuses her physically and mentally. When investigators where on his trail of murder, he sent a map that had an X on it with a letter in it claiming to be the murderer. The police doubted it until they went to the X and uncovered a women's body.


The police saw that the top corner showed that it was printed off of an website, but the name of the website was marked out by the killer. Only one website "" had that map so the police called The Computer Company and they looked at the history of that map on the website and it showed that only one user printed that map in the last week or so. That user was Maury Troy Travis. The police arrested him and interviewed him. He denied about being the killer. When they said they caught him from his computer, he started ranting about the internet.


They put him in a cell, and he was on suicide watch. On June 10th, 2002; one of the guards skipped his shift. When they came back, they found Maury Travis dead. He had hanged himself with his bed-sheets. They also found a letter to his mom, he never admitted to being the killer, but the video evidence pointed that he was.


Its end is quite reminiscent of Leonard Lake's after an abrupt arrest.

Maury Troy Travis
Image From The "Your Wedding Day" Video