Matt Watson

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Matt Watson
Full Name: Matt Watson
Alias: MattsWhatitis


Origin: Canada
Occupation: YouTuber (formerly)
Skills: Charisma



Hobby: Unknown
Goals: Cause another adpocalypse (succeeded)

Gain internet notoriety (succeeded)

Run a popular YouTube Channel (failed)

Expose YouTubes pedophile "wormhole" (succeeded)

Crimes: Slander


Sexually harassing a minor

Type of Villain: Manipulator


DISCLAIMER: He is not to be confused with Matt Watson, a host on the comedic YouTube gaming channel "SuperMega"

I'm disgusted!
~ Matt on his "discovery"

Matt Watson AKA MattsWhatitis is a former YouTuber who gained popularity in early-mid 2019 for discovering a "wormhole" in YouTube that allowed pedophiles to find videos of children. In response Matt started the #YouTubeWakeUp movement. His movement managed to gain support from other notable YouTubers such as Leon Lush and NerdCity.

However not long after he started the movement many of his followers turned against Matt after he began telling his supporters to contact companies such as Disney, Nestle and Epic Games and convincing them to pull ads from YouTube. In addition people discovered another channel Matt had created and now abandoned: "TotallyUncreative" The channel was made up entirely of edgy content with similar things to what Matt was calling out now.


On February 17th Matt uploaded a YouTube video claiming that he had found what he called a "wormhole" that pedophiles were using as their own ring on YouTube. Matt revealed that on videos made by children were people putting timestamps on specific portions of the videos as well as YouTube adding more of these videos thanks to the algorithm. Matt also painted the situation as if YouTube was facilitating this when in actuality that was far from it. What Matt didn't seem to realize about the algorithm was that it is designed to place more videos similar to one that you watched because it assumes you like those types of videos. YouTubers such as Emplemon have shown that if you were to search something such as NBA highlights or cartoon clips than the algorithm would place videos similar to said topics in the recommended in the same way that Matts "wormhole" suggested videos of minors. As the hours went by Matts video started gaining traction. News articles were being written about his discovery and it very quickly became one of YouTubes biggest controversy with the only possible comparison being Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Controversy

YouTubers are gonna have to suffer unfortunately
~ Matt during a livestream

In the following days Matt hosted live streams as his video about his discovery began to get traction. Matt began telling his audience that if they want to hit YouTube where it hurts then they have to hit YouTube's wallet. What Matt meant by this was contacting brands such as Nestle, The Walt Disney Company and Purina, Telling them about the "wormhole" and convincing them to pull ads therefore causing YouTube to lose money from the lack of ads.

YouTubers turn against Matt

Don't contact advertisers! Don't do this yet! Thats the nuclear option...
~ Nerdcity in a video discussing #YouTubeWakeup

As Matt continued live streaming YouTubers such as Leon Lush and NerdCity joined the streams chat showing their support of his cause but offered help. On many occasions Matt would deflect their attempts to help him and claim that what he was doing was right. In addition he would call many of these YouTubers greedy despite many of them have already called out Elsagate long before Matt had arrived on the scene.

As his streams went on even more red flags were raised as whenever Matt discovered whenever a company pulled ads he showed genuine satisfaction, even excitement but whenever YouTube said they were taken action he would seem disappointed. Something that alarmed many people was that many of the companies that Matt told people to contact such as Disney and Nestle were companies who have a history of using have products made in countries that allow child labor. As a result many of the people who were once supporting him such as Leon Lush began to call him out for his actions as Matts true intentions became clearer.

Discovery of Matts old content

You interested in shooting an adult video?
~ Matt to an alleged underage girl

On February 19th 2019 YouTubers would discover a 2nd channel that was also operated my Matt but has since been abandoned by the name of "Totally Uncreative" the videos featured on the channel contained content similar to that of YouTubers such as Idubbbz and Filthy Frank. In some videos Matt also mentioned having a "taboo porn issue" as well as videos where he attempts to pick up girls. Most infamously Matt uploaded a video of him driving up to what appeared to be an underage girl and offered to shoot an adult film with her. As all of this was publicized Matts image had been completed altered. Someone who was once thought of as an advocate for childrens safety on the internet turned out to be a creepy failed YouTuber out with a vengeance.


As the movements relevancy began to drop and his followers steadily began to turn against Matt vanished off of the face of the internet. As of 2020 there hasn't been much in terms of updates on him. Matts appearence on YouTube was as brief as his relevance. As people began to forget about him the companies who pulled ads slowly began putting ads back on YouTube. Later on in the year YouTube would be hit with a similar controversy when the site was found violating COPPA laws and despite it adding to his claims Matt never returned. Many people believe Matt Watson caused the third Adpocalypse and to this day is seen more as a wannabe YouTuber who attempted to get attention by screwing over other peoples livelihoods.