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Matias Oyarzo
Matias Oyarzo.png
Full Name: Matías Ignacio Vera Oyarzo
Alias: Peluchin Entertainment
PeluchinEnter (peluchinenter, On DeviantART)
Matias Vera (On Deviant ART Page)
God (As mentioned on the quotes he said on the top of this page)
Origin: Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile
Occupation: YouTuber Student
Skills: Torture Methods


Hobby: Torturing and killing his cats

Sexually harassing girls
Trolling and insulting his enemies
Making videos
Domestically abusing his mother

Goals: To become known on YouTube and DeviantArt (negatively succeeded)

Hide what he did (failed)
Kill his Mother (planned,abandoned)

Crimes: Animal cruelty (killed cats)

Bestiality (Possibly)
Domestic abuse
Sexual harassment
Attempted Murder
Attempted Rape (Possibly)

Type of Villain: Mentally Unstable Teenager

Betray me all of those who want. Still, I have never cared about friends, friends are only a nuisance, and only exist to take advantage of them. I have never cried, and I have never cared about anyone.
~ Matías in his deleted Twitter account after he was exposed.

Matías Ignacio Vera Oyarzo, otherwise known as Peluchin Entertainment, September 19, 2003 is a Chilean YouTuber who also owns a DevianART account that can be found here.

Oyarzo started his YouTube account on September 11, 2014, and currently has over 40,000 subscribers. At most, he was known for his surreal videos, namely his videos where he would play with Teletubby plush toys and destroy them in various methods. During his time on YouTube, he had also taken an interest in trolling. His first concerning act was reportedly done earlier in 2018 when he published a video of himself shoving a can of cat food into his cat Jason's face. He also posted a video of himself trying to shove Jason's face into a toilet full of excrement.

In December 2018, Oyarzo would find himself under controversy when one of his haters revealed a video of Matías brutally abusing Jason by repeatedly picking him up by his tail and dropping him, stomping on him, and kicking him against a door. There were also shots of Jason trying to crawl away from Oyarzo his spine was broken and his hind legs were paralyzed at that time, only for Oyarzo to drag him back to continue torturing him until he died in the hospital from his injuries. Not too shortly afterward, many YouTube users reported him, but YouTube didn't delete his channel because most of his actions were not done on said platform. To make matters worse, he had also filmed himself adopting two kittens and dropping one of them into the toilet with feces, similar to what he did to Jason. According to the authorities, both kittens had been taken away from him, although Matías himself said that the black one died.

It had also been reported that Oyarzo is a domestic abuser who would abuse his own parents, try to strangle his younger cousin, and was reportedly conducting sexual harassment online as well as at school. His YouTube and DeviantART accounts are currently still up, but he has not been active since he was doxxed.

After a while, Matias claimed he doesn't care about his cats and that he will keep adopting cats to kill them. He also claimed he will kill his mother as well".

During March 2019, Matías updated his community tab in his YouTube account, explaining that he's not currently in a mental hospital, and he states that he will make a new video explaining his current situation.

It seems that he may have been released from the hospital since then since his latest video was made in April of 2020, titled "Para mis haters, díganme perdón" which translates to "For my haters, tell me sorry", possibly showing that the mental hospital didn't do much for him.

On September 29, 2020, Peluchin Entertainment's channel was terminated due to violating YouTube's Terms of Service.

On May 2, 2020, Peluchin uploaded a video admitting all his wrongdoings, explaining what inspired him to perform these acts and finally apologizing, in the video he himself reveals the following details:

  1. The "troll" behavior that he had in 2016 until the beginning of 2019, was because he used to suffer harassment from other users when he started on the platform, which prompted him to do the same to others and assume a role of "villain", just to enjoy of the hatred and attention he received
  2. The sexual harassment of his partners began when he met "a bad and degenerate guy" and ended up becoming like him, in his own words.
  3. His fights with other users were for the simple fact of seeking more hate and negative responses from the rest.
  4. The cat "Jason" received that smack in the face as a game because it was his birthday and Peluchin affirms that he did that while playing, not with intention of abuse, the other cat "Jara" was only put in the toilet and the injuries he had were because he had born with"Ringworm ". Not because he made it.
  5. The cat "Jason" disappeared for 2 days before receiving the famous beating that popularized the channel, when he returned he was seriously injured and did not move his hind legs, after not being able to get help, on October 31, Peluchin recorded the controversial video, as he did to try to get the cat to move his hind injured legs. He also said that he abuser behavior was based in a youtuber called "Reset" or Kyre.

Finishing the video, he says that he began to regret his actions after going to the asylum and meeting new friends, clarifies that it was thanks to his friend "Konnex" that he was able to change and stop being "sick of the head", he says that the video is dedicated to her by way of thanks and apologies. These apologies were obviously questioned by many people, such as the youtuber NauterPlay who criticized him for reading a script, in response to these criticisms, Peluchin defended himself saying that he always reads a script when making his videos as it helps him memorize what he means already modulate the voice. The next list are some answer of his apologize video


In one of my deleted posts, some said I was asking for forgiveness, and I ask them, when did I ask for forgiveness? Not even if they give me a million, will I ask for forgiveness
~ Matias showing his absolute lack of remorse.
~ Matías during his second debate with Super Wario Man
Hahahahaha, if you think there will be justice, I say no, remember that I am a minor, I am surprised that fed up morons thought i was in jail. Perhaps that idiot of Reset will be imprisoned, but he did his shit of the tramp when he was 18 or 19 years old, instead I did it with the cat thing when I was 15.

So put your hashtag "#JusticeForJason" in your asses, there will be no justice for Jason, nor for the two cats i had adopted (which by the way, the black cat died), or anyone. Again, there will be no justice for anyone. They will have founded me, they will have exposed my data, but they did not achieve anything with that.

~ Matías in his YouTube channel Community Tab, making fun of the attempts to bring him down.
The day before yesterday I was fighting for 5 hours on Twitter with assholes, reaching the point where Twitter blocked the function of Twitter for 11 hours, and in the morning, I saw that my account was suspended, and I believe another, and I am suspended. .

What's up Twitter? Don't you want me to be on your platform? Hahahahahaa, luckily I still have my favorite social network, Facebook.

For all the assholes, the menstruation swallowers, and those who are never going to suck a slut, and the whores that will never feel the semen flowing through their cunts, I tell you this ...

Screw you shitty Argensimians. You poor shitty Venezuelans. Meximonkeys, wall jumpers, blacks and dwarfs and slaves of the United States. Black Colombianus with faggot voices. Fucking Spaniards, go watch TV with the shitty dubbing that you have.

And for those who are from my city, I tell you that in 10 years, I will be president of this country, and all the people who disrespected me ... IS GOING TO GO TO JAIL, OR IS GOING TO EXILE .

~ Matías in his YouTube channel Community Tab, showing how egoistical and xenophobic is him.


  • Peluchin's ex-girlfriend took and saved the two kittens to herself.
  • Peluchin's account was hacked until a few months later.
  • His YouTube account was deleted on September 29, 2020.
  • Due to the strict policies in Chile, he wasn't executed or arrested, this indicates that he is still alive under probation.
  • There are probability that some Youtubers that are against him had tired to hire a hitman to have him killed or have him kidnapped.
  • If the video had enough attention, the Chilean police may get involved to capture him.
  • After Peluchin gained international fame, other YouTube users who also mistreated animals appeared, such as Mariam Frenia, The Dead or Spiderman YT, all of them inspired by Peluchin. This group of users habeces is called as "The Sect of Peluchin".
  • Matias is a native of the city of Punta Arenas, in Magallanes, a region in southern Chile.
  • Before he killed Jason, Peluchin was already hated by a certain section of the YouTube community because he fought with other users and had a rather cocky personality.
  • Matias is quite xenophobic, this can be seen in some messages on his Twitter account where he insults Mexicans, Argentines, Colombians and Venezuelans including Americans.
  • Matias once said that he wanted to be president of Chile.
  • After Peluchin returned from his inactivity on YouTube, many people started saying that he had gained weight and that he was fat, which made him very angry.
  • Matias is a fan of horror movies like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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