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A mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence. The United States'

acknowledges that there is not a broadly accepted definition, and defines a "public mass shooting" as one in which four or more people selected indiscriminately, not including the perpetrator, are killed or injured, echoing the FBI definition of the term "Going Postal". However, according to the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012, signed into law on Jan 2013, a mass shooting is defined as a shooting resulting in at least 3 victims, excluding the perpetrator. Another unofficial definition of a mass shooting is an event involving the shooting (not necessarily resulting in death) of five or more people (sometimes four) with no cooling-off period. A sub-type of a mass shooting is a school shooting, which is a mass shooting that takes place on a school or college campus and makes up a majority of mass shootings.

A mass shooting may be committed by individuals or organizations in public or non-public places. in recent

McDonald's Massacre

times have used the tactic of mass shootings to fulfill their political aims. Individuals who commit mass shootings may fall into any of a number of categories, including killer of family, of coworkers , of students , and of random strangers. Individuals' motives for shooting vary.

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A video showing insight on mass shootings.

Responses to mass shootings take a variety of forms, depending on the context: number of casualties, the country and political climate, among other factors. The news media and other types of media cover mass shootings extensively, and, often, sensationally, and the effect of that coverage has been examined. Countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia have changed their gun laws in the wake of mass shootings. In contrast, the United States' constitution prohibits laws which disallow firearm ownership outright. There are more mass shootings and more guns in the United States than any other nation in the world, and about half of the world's mass shootings occur in the U.S., which averages one mass shooting a day (using the definition of four people injured) and owns about half of the world's guns.


Perpetrator(s) Place Type of Massacre Date Location Fatalities Injuries Suicide
Patrick Sherrill Edmond Post Office Workplace August 20, 1986 Edmond, Oklahoma 15 6 Y
Omar Mateen Pulse Nightclub Domestic Terrorism June 12, 2016 Orlando, Florida 50 53 N
Stephen Paddock Route 91 Harvest Festival Festival Massacre October 1, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada 59 851 Y
James Oliver Huberty McDonald's Restaurant Shooting July 18, 1984 San Diego, California 22 19 N
George Hennard Luby's Cafeteria Hate Crime October 16, 1991 Killeen, Texas 24 20 Y
Devin Patrick Kelley First Baptist Church Hate Crime November 5, 2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas 27 20 Y
Aaron Alexis Washington Navy Yard Army Base September 16, 2013 Washington D.C., USA 13 8 N
Nidal Malik Hassan Fort Hood Navy Base Army Base November 9, 2009 Fort Hood, Texas 13 30 N
Robert Bowers Tree of Life Synagogue Hate Crime October 27, 2018 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 11 7 N
Dylann Roof Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Hate Crime June 17, 2015 Charleston, South Carolina 9 1 N
Randy Stair Weis Markets Supermarket Workplace June 8, 2017 Eaton Township, Pennsylvania 3 0 Y
DeWayne Craddock Virginia Beach Municipal Center Workplace May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach, Virginia 12 5 N
Jared Lee Loughner Safeway Supermarket Political Terrorism January 8, 2011 Tucson, Arizona 6 13 N
David Katz Jacksonville Landing Festival Massacre August 26, 2018 Jacksonville, Florida 2 11 Y
Martin Bryant Port Arthur Spree Shooting April 28-29, 1996 Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia 35 24 N
Ian David Long Borderline Bar and Grill Nightclub Attack November 7, 2018 Thousand Oaks, California 13 10 Y
Patrick Crusius Walmart Supercenter Hate Crime August 3, 2019 El Paso, Texas 22 24 N
Brenton Tarrant Al Noor Mosque & Linwood Islamic Center Hate Crime March 15, 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand 51 49 N
Baruch Goldstein Cave of the Patriarchs Religious Terrorism February 25, 1994 Hebron, West Bank 30 125 N
James Holmes Century 16 Movie Theater Movie Theater Shooting July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado 12 70 N
Anders Behring Breivik Regjeringskvartalet & AUF Youth Camp Political Terrorism July 22, 2011 Oslo. Norway 77 319 N
Derrick Bird Various locations Spree Shooting June 2, 2010 Cumbria, England 13 11 Y
Alexandre Bissonnette Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City Hate Crime January 29, 2017 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada 6 19 N
Howard Unruh River Road Spree Shooting September 6, 1949 Camden, New Jersey 13 3 N
Wade Michael Page Sikh Temple of Wisconsin Hate Crime August 5, 2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin 7 4 Y
Connor Betts Ned Peppers Bar Nightclub Attack August 4, 2019 Dayton, Ohio 10 17 N
Elliot Rodger Various locations in Isla Vista Hate Crime May 23, 2014 Isla Vista, California 6 14 Y
Robert Aaron Long Asian massage parlors in Atlanta Hate Crime March 16, 2021 Atlanta, Georgia 8 1 N
Gabriel Wortman Various locations in Nova Scotia Spree Shooting April 18-19, 2020 Nova Scotia, Canada 22 3 N
Jakrapanth Thomma Terminal 21 Korat Shopping Mall Spree Shooting February 8-9, 2020 Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand 30 57 N
Payton Gendron Tops Friendly Markets supermarket Hate Crime May 14, 2022 Buffalo, New York 10 3 N
Anderson Lee Aldrich Club Q Hate Crime November 19–20, 2022 Colorado Springs, Colorado 5 26 N