Marty Bergen

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Marty Bergen
Full Name: Martin Bergen
Alias: Marty Bergen
Origin: North Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Baseball player for the Boston Beateners (1896-99)
Skills: Batting

Caching baseballs

Hobby: Playing baseball
Goals: Unknown
Crimes: 3 counts of Murder (including 2 counts of fillicide)
Type of Villain: Mentally ill murderer

Martin "Marty" Bergen (October 25, 1871 - January 19, 1900) was an American NBL player who killed his family before commiting suicide.

Baseball Career

He played 344 games with the Boston Beateners from 1896 to 1899. He was most noted for being their catcher and helping them on two straight National League Pennants. Within a year, he had established his reputation for throwing out baserunners and for being the best catcher on the team.

Mental Illness

Unfortunantly, Bergen suffered from apparent mental illness, possibly schizophrenia with manic depression. This condition worsened in 1899. He suffered from various hallucinations, from enemies trying to poison or assassinate him, to mocking him about his late son's death. He was fully aware of his conditions and sought active help, but he refused to take any of the bromides that were suggested to him in fear of it killing him

Murders and suicide

On January 19th, 1900, he killed his wife, his two remaining children, and himself in a murder-suicide. Medical examiners state that Marty killed his family with an axe, then used his straight razor to cut his own throat with such force that he nearly decapitated himself. Depsite this, and his short time in his baseball career, he received one vote to enter the baseball Hall of Fame in 1938 and 1939.