Marcos Loyalists

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Marcos Loyalist(s) is/are the controversial umbrella organization. It is known for denial of the atrocities of Marcos Martial Law and worshipping, praising and glorifying of the late Ferdinand Marcos and his achievements and fending off Marcos critics like Neo-Nazis who fended off Holocaust victims. They may be known for being sometimes anti-LGBT.

Activities and Ideologies

Members of Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies will have their attempt to distort the Filipino History to make Marcos great or be Supreme Leader and Eternal President. They also long for once-lost Filipino ideology, New Society. Their secret, private and hidden talent is the Holocaust denial and support of North Korea's Juche for security reasons. They long for reunification of the Philippines to get BBM back as president in the future in 2022 to bring back old days of Martial Law and re-establish 1973 Constitution to regain what Aquino and Liberal Party once had "liberated" the Philippines.


Back then in 1990s where Marcos loyalists were groups of goons. In 1999, several groups of Marcos Loyalists worshipped Ferdinand E. Marcos as their god (look in Youtube to search Marcos cult worship AP). However, until several decades later, they were dozens of them trying to lash out and red-tag any Marcos critics or just Anti-Marcos people and falsely accuse and label them as terrorists/communists and members of the New People's Army.