Makoto Sakurai

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Makoto Sakurai
Full Name: 桜井 誠 (高田 誠)
Alias: Makoto Takata (高田誠, Real name)
Makoto Kimura (木村 誠)
Takeshi Sakurai (桜井 武)
Doronpa01 (Intenet Username/ID)
Origin: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: Activist
Tax Accountant
Hobby: Raw ham and wine
Crimes: Hate Speech
Murder abetting
Power obstruction of business
Type of Villain: Xenophobia

Makoto Sakurai (桜井 誠, born February 15, 1972) is a Japanese far-right anti-communist Netto-uyoku/Alt-rightist activist. Head of the far-right political organization Japan First Party. Former leader of 2006-2014 Anti-Korean Uyoku dantai Zaitokukai.

Similar to Richard Spencer's position in the United States.

He is Anti-Korean, Anti-Chinese, Anti-American, Anti-Russian, Anti-British (Ironically used to be ally of Japan that time), Anti-communist, Anti-Islamic, Anti-Semitic, Anti-feminist and Homophobic sentiment, etc.

In 2014, he made anti-Semitic remarks regarding the damage to Anne's diary and made the Jews "Korean of Middle East."

In 2016, he ran (minor candidate) in Tokyo gubernatorial election, but was defeated in fifth place.

In 2019, he made a remark on discrimination for people with disabilities. In the case of Reiwa Shinsengumi.

There was a controversy with Takashi Tachibana who repeatedly Anti-Korean around the Liancourt rocks issue, and as a result, he antagonist.