Majdi Ibrahim Abdel Al-sharif

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Majdi Ibrahim Abdel Al-sharif
Occupation: intelligence agent in cairo
Crimes: Murder of Giulio Regeni
Type of Villain: dimwit wrathful, president al-sisi's dog

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Majdi Ibrahim Abdel-Al Sharif (Arabic: مجدي ابراهيم عبد العال شريف) born in 1981 or 1982 is a military member of the Abdel Fattah el-Sisi regime known for his alleged involvement in the death of student Giulio Regeni, alleging that he supervised the movements of the young since October 2015 to conclude that he was a spy.

The conditions in which the student's body was found indicate that the young man was subjected to torture, with several broken ribs, multiple puncture wounds, and abrasions all over his body. Giulio is believed to have been kidnapped as a result of his scholarly research work on the local trade union movement that opposed the regime of General Abdelfatah El-Sisi. However, no direct links or implications of Giulio Regeni with the activities of the protest movements have been demonstrated.

For the kidnapping, they reiterated and pointed out the accusations against Major Majdi Ibrahim Abdel-Al Sharif, Captain Osan Helmy and three other people from the Egyptian National Security Agency, which included the murders of March 24, 2016, of gang members such as scapegoat, they blamed Captain Mahmud Hendy and others from the local police.

A witness emerged in May 2019 and said he was in a cafe in an African capital city in 2017, where he heard Egyptian officials discussing the "Italian guy" case in Arabic. After spying on an exchange of business cards, he acknowledged that the officer who claimed to have been personally involved in the kidnapping and beating of Giulio Regeni was, in fact, Major Majdi Ibrahim Abdel-Al Sharif, 35 at the time. . According to the account, they believed that Regeni was a British spy and the accused officer told him that he had to slap and beat Regeni after loading him into the police van. The Italian investigators listened to the witness and credited his reconstruction of the events with some reliability.