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Full Name: Matthew David Graham
Alias: Lux
King of Hurtcore
Origin: Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Major distributor of online child pornography
Pedophilic forum owner
Skills: Intellect
Criminal knowledge
Connection to heinous criminals
Hobby: Watching child porn
Goals: Continue with his crimes without getting caught (failed)
Crimes: Pedophilia
Inciting violence
Inciting rape
Child pornography
Type of Villain: Pedophilic Mastermind

At first I felt ashamed in myself for being attracted to such a thing, but as time went on I slowly grew more accepting of myself. It wasn't until I came across the Tor paedo community that I was able to truly feel comfortable with attractions.
~ Graham describing his descent to villainy in an interview with The Daily Dot

Matthew David Graham, better known by his dark web alias Lux, is an Australian criminal who was involved in the trade and distribution of child pornography. He ran a pedophile and child pornography forum known as "Hurt2TheCore". He also had connections with Peter Scully.[1]


Graham discovered himself to be a pedophile an unknown amount of time prior to his connection to the dark web pedophile communities. He then established "Hurt2TheCore", a dark web pedophile forum where users discussed young boys and girls, shared pornographic images and videos of pre-pubescent children, and had discussions of setting up child prostitution. At some point, he leaked Peter Scully's infamous Daisy's Destruction video, which was previously pay-per-view. This action would trigger an international manhunt for the people involved in the video. 

During his crimes, he was a nanotechnology student at LaTrobe University. People even noted his frequent abscence from class, where he was stated to "stay in his bedroom on his laptop". These people would not know that he was committing heinous crimes. 

Graham, under his identity of Lux, would repeatedly taunt investigative agencies. He even at one point proposed giving away all information in exchange for Bitcoin and immunity. His fall would eventually come when he was on 4chan and stated that he was Lux. 

Trial and sentencing

Matthew David Graham was arrested in 2014, where his house was raided by forces of the Victoria state police, FBI, and Interpol. He faced 13 charges, with arguably the most heinous of all charges being him encouraging a Russian man to rape, kidnap, and murder a child, and the abuse of a disabled child in the United Kingdom; it's unknown if the person(s) encouraged acted, however. Judge Michael Tinney oversaw the case in 2016, and had to view Daisy's Destruction, due to Graham distributing the video. He described it as the "worst thing he has ever seen [in his life]". Graham was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with Judge Tinney calling Graham "pure evil" as his final remarks.