List of Wanted Pages on Real Life Villains Wiki

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A list of pages that need to go on this wiki. Please view the List of Disallowed Pages on Real Life Villains Wiki, Specifications for Warranting a Page and Villain definition BEFORE adding someone on this page! Also, countries (especially North Korea), Halloween, and ESPECIALLY Wiki admins or normal/random internet users on this wiki on this page will result in a block! As such, controversial people or topics will not be included. They must have been mentioned in at least one reliable media or government source (that includes news) unless they are historical villains that lived before modern media was invented, which in that case, historical accounts can back their atrocities. There are NO exceptions to this rule! This is a subject that has been gone over time and time again on this Wiki and the admins are fed up!

Please remove candidates after their pages are created.



Gangs/Crime Organizations


Political & Terrorist Organizations

Other Groups/Organizations