List of United Kingdom terrorists

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This is a list of terrorists active in, or otherwise closely connected to (such as by citizenship), the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) (1707 - present). Only add those found guilty or whose deaths have prevented prosecution. The table can be sorted, but when adding new entries add them by date.

  • The correct date is the date when the person was convicted or sentenced.
  • If the person died in custody before they could be tried for terror crimes, use the date they were arrested for those crimes.
  • If the person dies before they can be apprehended and charged, use the date of their death.
  • One person per entry.

Terrorism involves doing serious harm to further a cause. It is possible for certain crimes to look like terrorist attacks, but not actually be. In modern cases terrorists will be prosecuted under specific counterterror laws or, if not, the court will be asked to rule them a terrorist. Look for this info when looking for sources with terrorists to list.

Finally, keep descriptions reasonably brief while still containing a representative overview of the wrongdoing. Terrorists automatically qualify for pages so detailed information can go on those pages.

This list is split by ideology. In the interests of neutrality, ideologies are listed strictly in alphabetical order.


Far right

Irish republicanism

Date Name Description
May 15, 1971 Billy Reid Provisional IRA volunteer in the Belfast Brigade. He murdered a British soldier named Robert Curtis, starting a war between Britain and the IRA.[12]
August 14, 1975 Mick Murray Stood trial alongside the wrongfully convicted Birmingham Six, and widely believed to be the mastermind behind the bombings the Six were accused of.[13]
December 2, 1984 Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde Killed in a shootout in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Another IRA member and an SAS soldier were also killed.[14]
December 2, 1984 Kieran Fleming Provisional IRA volunteer who participated in the shootout that Antoine Mac Giolla Bhríghde was involved in. He drowned while trying to escape from the SAS after Bhrighde's death.[15]
December 6, 1984 William Fleming IRA volunteer who was ambushed and killed by the SAS while attempting to assassinate an Ulster Defence Regiment member.[16]
June 9, 1986 Patrick Magee Member of the Irish Republican Army who planted a time bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, killing five people.[17]
March 15, 1987 Gerard Steenson Leader of the Irish People's Liberation Organization, a Republican group that carried out numerous murders against Loyalists and members of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement. He was assassinated in Ballymurphy in 1987.[18]
May 8, 1987 Jim Lynagh IRA member nicknamed "The Executioner", he was killed in an SAS ambush while leading a squadron known as the Loughgall Eight during an assault on a police station.[19]
August 16, 1991 Martin O'Prey IPLO member who killed notorious Loyalist George Seawright, and was involved in the Orange Cross Social Club shooting. He was killed in his home by UVF members in 1991.[20]
April 29, 1992 Conor Maguire IPLO volunteer who shot and killed Andrew Johnson in retaliation for the killings of IPLO members by the SAS. He was murdered by Loyalists, in a suspected collaboration with British intelligence.[20]
August 18, 1992 Jimmy Brown Founding member of the IPLO responsible for directing the Donegall Arms shooting, he was assassinated by members of the INLA in 1992.[21]
October 23, 1993 Thomas Begley Carried a bomb into a chip shop in Belfast in an attempt to kill the leaders of the Ulster Defence Association. He was killed along with nine innocent people when the bomb detonated prematurely.[22]
January 27, 1995 Sean Kelly Assisted Thomas Begley during the Shankill Road bombing. He helped carry the bomb, but survived the premature detonation.[22]
January 30, 1996 Gino Gallagher Chief of Staff of the Irish National Liberation Army and responsible for the shooting of three Loyalists in 1994. After walking into a dole office in Belfast, he was shot multiple times by an assassin and died instantly.[23]
September 3, 1996 Hugh Torney Head of the General Headquarters of the INLA responsible for multiple killings during a feud with other factions. He was killed by members of a rival faction in Lurgan in 1996.[24]
September 23, 1996 Diarmuid O'Neill Planned to detonate a massive lorry bomb in the centre of London. Killed when the Metropolitan Police raided his hotel room.[25]
March 19, 1999 Bernard McGinn McGinn was sentenced to 490 years in prison for making bombs used in London terrorist attacks. He also received three murder convictions for killing British soldiers in sniper attacks.[26]
October 10, 1999 Patrick Campbell Belfast-born volunteer for the INLA who was killed in 1999 after being hacked with a machete by Irish gang members.[27]
August 6, 2003 Michael McKevitt Head of the terrorist group the Real IRA. Convicted in 2003 of ordering the 1998 Omagh bombing that killed 29 people.[28]
May 15, 2011 Marian Price Perpetrated the Old Bailey bombing in London, for which she was jailed in 1973. In 2011, her release licence was revoked and she was sent back to prison.[29]

Islamic extremism

Date Name Description
April 30, 2003 Asif Hanif Hamas-affiliated man who blew himself up in a bar in Tel Aviv, killing three others.[30]
May 12, 2003 Omar Sharif Temporarily the most wanted fugitive in Israel for his involvement in the Tel Aviv suicide bombing committed by Asif Hanif. He was found dead in the sea the next month.[31]
June 30, 2004 Kamel Bourgass Islamist convicted of fatally stabbing PC Stephen Oake during his arrest for terrorism charges.[32] Later received a second conviction for the planned attack Oake had tried to arrest him for.[33]
July 7, 2005 Mohammad Sidique Khan Ringleader and financier of the 7/7 suicide bombings that killed 52 people around London. He attacked Edgeware Road on the Circle Line and killed six bystanders.[34]
July 7, 2005 Germaine Lindsay Jamaican-born radical and the only one of the 7/7 bombers not to have a criminal record. He attacked the Piccadilly Line, killing 26 commuters.[34]
July 7, 2005 Shehzad Tanweer Right-hand man of Mohammad Sidique Khan and formerly involved in a fertiliser bomb plot. He killed seven people in a suicide bombing in Aldgate.[34]
July 7, 2005 Hasib Hussain The final one of the 7/7 bombers, and the youngest member of the group. He attacked a bus in Tavistock, killing 13 people.[34]
September 23, 2005 Andrew Rowe Arrested in France while trying to return to England. He was a member of Al-Qaeda who planned to fire a mortar at an unknown target.[35]
July 18, 2007 Mizanur Rahman Rahman was convicted of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred after his speech at a 2006 protest calling for the deaths of British soldiers.[36]
July 18, 2007 Umran Javed Key organizer for Al-Muhajiroun who called for Muslims to bomb Denmark at the same protest Mizanur Rahman was convicted over.[36]
July 18, 2007 Abdul Muhid Distributed placards demanding the deaths of people who insulted Islam at the same protest Mizanur Rahman was convicted over.[36]
October 16, 2008 Nicky Reilly Islamic radical who detonated a nail bomb in Exeter in a failed suicide attack.[37] Hanged himself in his cell while serving a life sentence in 2016.[38]
November 22, 2008 Rashid Rauf Rauf fled to Pakistan after being implicated in a plan to bomb commercial aircraft. On 22 November 2008, he was among five militants killed when the USA carried out a drone strike in the north-west region.[39]
February 9, 2012 Mohammed Shahjahan Ringleader of the Christmas Plot, an Al-Qaeda inspired plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and the US Embassy in London.[40]
December 19, 2013 Michael Adebolajo Islamic extremist who attacked British fusilier Lee Rigby and stabbed and hacked him to death as revenge for the deaths of radical Islamist fighters.[41]
December 19, 2013 Michael Adebowale Accomplice of Michael Adebolajo who assisted him in the attack on and murder of Lee Rigby. Arrested along with Adebolajo after the two were shot and wounded by police.[41]
August 13, 2014 Amal el-Wahabi The first British woman convicted in relation to Islamic State atrocities in Syria. She duped a friend into carrying thousands of pounds to Turkey, destined for her husband Aine Davis.[42]
January 9, 2015 Abu Hamza al-Masri Following a decade-long extradition battle from the UK Hamza was convicted in the US of terror charges including a kidnapping of Westerners in Yemen. Much of the evidence focused on his time as an Imam preaching in London.[43]
November 13, 2015 Mohammed Emwazi Known as 'Jihadi John' to the media, this UK-born terrorist appeared in ISIS videos of beheadings until a drone strike in Syria killed him.[44]
September 6, 2016 Anjem Choudary Hate preacher and recruiter for The Islamic State until his conviction in 2016 for inviting support for a proscribed organization.[45]
March 22, 2017 Khalid Masood Performed an attack outside Westminster with his car and a knife, killing six and injuring 29 before being shot dead.[46]
May 9, 2017 Aine Davis British national who joined ISIS in Syria in 2013 and suspected, but not convicted, of involvement in murdering hostages. Convicted in Turkey of belonging to the group.[47]
May 22, 2017 Salman Abedi British Muslim who used an improvised explosive device to commit a suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, killing twenty-three people and injuring 139.[48]
June 3, 2017 Khuram Butt Drove across London Bridge with Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, intentionally running down and killing two and fatally stabbing six bystanders before all three were killed by police.[49]
June 3, 2017 Rachid Redouane Second attacker in the London Bridge Attack perpetrated by Khuram Butt. A British citizen of Moroccan-Libyan heritage, he was likely radicalized into committing the attack by Butt, who lived nearby.[49]
June 3, 2017 Youssef Zaghba The final jihadist in the London Bridge Attack, Zaghba was an Italian-Moroccan citizen and suspected Islamic State member who was caught on CCTV meeting with Butt and Redouane shortly before the attack.[49]
March 23, 2018 Ahmed Hassan In 2017 Hassan set off a bomb in Parsons Green station in London in support of The Islamic State. The bomb did not go off properly, but more than 30 were wounded.[50]
March 27, 2018 Umar Haque Unqualified teacher who, over five years, radicalised children in an attempt to recruit them. He planned to launch attacks on 30 targets around London.[51]
March 27, 2018 Muhammad Abid Convicted of helping Umar Haque. He knew of the plot but did nothing to alert authorities.[51]
March 27, 2018 Abuthaher Mamun Teenaged fundraiser who initially assisted Umar Haque, but grew to reject his extremist views.[51]
June 18, 2018 Naa'imur Rahman Islamic radical who plotted to bomb Downing Street and behead Prime Minister Theresa May.[52]
August 30, 2019 Anouar Haddouchi Birmingham resident nicknamed "the executioner of Raqqa" for his involvement in the execution of 100 people. Captured by soldiers fighting for Bashar al-Assad and currently held in Syria.[53]
November 26, 2019 Mahdi Mohamud Attacked and wounded two commuters and a responding officer in a frenzied attack on New Year's Eve at a Manchester train station. His phone was found to contain a manual on how to kill somebody with a knife.[54]
November 29, 2019 Usman Khan Terrorist with previous convictions[40] who stabbed several people on London Bridge, killing two, before being killed by police.[55]
February 2, 2020 Sudesh Amman Stabbed two people non-fatally in Streatham, London, before being killed by police.[56]
February 10, 2020 Mohiussunnath Chowdhury Imprisoned in 2020 for plotting to commit terror attacks on Madame Tussauds and the London gay pride parade. Had previously been arrested for attacking police officers with a sword but had been acquitted.[57]
February 21, 2020 Safiyya Shaikh MI5's highest level priority investigation in the weeks before her arrest. She planned a suicide bombing in one of London's famous buildings, St. Paul's Cathedral.[58]
March 17, 2020 Hashem Abedi Brother of Salman Abedi who helped him to plan the Manchester Bombing. On 17 March 2020, he was convicted of murdering those killed in the attack.[59]
November 11, 2020 Khairi Saadallah Ansar al-Sharia insurgent who stabbed 3 people to death at a park in Reading.[60]
July 6, 2021 Hisham Chaudhary Sales consultant who sent Bitcoin to imprisoned Islamic State militants in Syria and disseminated terrorist propaganda online.[61]
September 2, 2021 Alexanda Kotey Member of the cell known as "The Beatles" who pleaded guilty to murdering hostages.[62]
November 14, 2021 Emad al-Swealmeen Failed asylum seeker who blew himself up outside Liverpool Women's hospital, failing to kill anyone but himself.[63]
January 15, 2022 Malik Akram British national who took four congregants hostage at a synagogue in Texas, triggering an eleven-hour standoff until he was shot by the FBI.[64]
April 11, 2022 Ali Harbi Ali Militant who stabbed MP Sir David Amess to death as punishment for voting in favour of action against Islamic State in Syria.[65]
April 14, 2022 El Shafee Elsheikh One of the Islamic State's so-called "Beatles" convicted of the abduction, torture and murder of four hostages.[66]

Ulster loyalism

Date Name Description
September 14, 1973 Tommy Herron Prominent leader of the Ulster Defence Association. He was shot dead by unknown people, possibly to prevent him from winning the UDA leadership.[67]
October 15, 1976 Thomas Crozier Crozier faked a military checkpoint to flag down the Miami Showband and plant evidence to make them look like IRA members. However, it went wrong and three band members were shot and killed by Crozier and other terrorists.[68]
October 15, 1976 Rodney McDowell Convicted of helping Thomas Crozier. He helped man the checkpoint and was held responsible for the deaths.[68]
September 6, 1978 Robert Campbell Campbell was responsible for the McGurk's Bar bombing, which killed fifteen people, and for the murder of a workman named John Morrow.[69]
February 20, 1979 Robert Bates Member of the Ulster Volunteer Force and a leading member of the Shankill Butchers, a brutal gang who kidnapped, tortured and murdered at least 23 people, most of whom were random or suspected Catholic civilians killed in sectarian attacks, and some of whom were Protestants murdered in personal disputes or who were mistaken for Catholics simply because they were walking towards Catholic parts of Belfast.[70]
February 20, 1979 Sam McAllister Member of the Ulster Volunteer Force and a leading member of the Shankill Butchers, a brutal gang who kidnapped, tortured and murdered at least 23 people, most of whom were random or suspected Catholic civilians killed in sectarian attacks, and some of whom were Protestants murdered in personal disputes or who were mistaken for Catholics simply because they were walking towards Catholic parts of Belfast.[71]
February 20, 1979 William Moore Member of the Ulster Volunteer Force and a leading member of the Shankill Butchers, a brutal gang who kidnapped, tortured and murdered at least 23 people, most of whom were random or suspected Catholic civilians killed in sectarian attacks, and some of whom were Protestants murdered in personal disputes or who were mistaken for Catholics simply because they were walking towards Catholic parts of Belfast.[72]
November 16, 1982 Lenny Murphy Member of the Ulster Volunteer Force and the leader of the Shankill Butchers, a brutal gang who kidnapped, tortured and murdered at least 23 people, most of whom were random or suspected Catholic civilians killed in sectarian attacks, and some of whom were Protestants murdered in personal disputes or who were mistaken for Catholics simply because they were walking towards Catholic parts of Belfast.[73]
September 14, 1986 John Bingham Prominent member of the UVF who was responsible for many attacks against Catholics. In retaliation, he was killed by the IRA.[74]
September 2, 1989 Brian Robinson Shot an innocent man named Patrick McKenna in a random sectarian attack. Minutes later, British soldiers chased him down and killed him.[75]
April 15, 1992 Ned McCreery Leader of a loyalist death squad that kidnapped and tortured innocent people before killing them.[76]
June 29, 1993 Brian McCallum Murderer who tried to bomb a parade in Belfast, but was killed when his own grenade exploded.[77]
July 9, 1994 Trevor King UVF member who participated in the murder of Irish civilians during the Ballymurphy massacre, and was accused of the murders of Gerard McClenahan and Anthony Molloy. Gunned down near Shankill Road alongside two others by INLA leader Gino Gallagher (see Irish nationalism section). [78]
February 24, 1995 Stephen Irwin Principal gunman in the Greysteel massacre, an attack that killed seven people at the Rising Sun bar.[79]
February 24, 1995 Torrens Knight Roofer who took part in the Greysteel massacre, and who also shot four workmen in a separate incident in February 1993.[79]
February 24, 1995 Jeffrey Deeney Stephen Irwin's neighbor who attempted to provide him with cover fire during the Greysteel massacre.[79]
February 24, 1995 Brian McNeill Getaway driver for the Greysteel attackers who helped Irwin and Deeney to escape. He was arrested within an hour of the attack after his car was traced.[79]
June 29, 2005 Stanley Curry English train driver who tried to kill fellow Loyalist John Thompson during an internal UDA feud.[80]
January 29, 2018 Gary Haggarty In a controversial deal, Haggarty received a six year prison sentence for killing five people after becoming a state witness.[81]


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