Leticia Lopez

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Leticia Lopez is a Colombian nun that in November 1 of 1999[1] she murdered 30-year-old[2] Sister Luz Amparo Granada.


Lopez and Granada had rooms next to each other[1] in their cloister in Colombia's historic capital Bogota's Candelaria district.[2] Granada worked closely with sex workers and drug users,[3] and the children of sex workers.[2]

Granada was conspicuous on the streets of Colombia for both her work with the socially disadvantaged and her striking red hair and blue eyes, both unusual for the region.[1] Dozens of prostitutes had recently been killed, apparently by right-wing vigilantes performing "social cleansing", and Granada was championing the rights of these victims.[2]

Lopez hated Granada for her work with these less fortunate souls.[3][1][2] She may have been emboldened by the case of nuns Luz Adelia Barragan and Eva Maria Silva, who in August 1999 had been acquitted of murder after accidentally striking a thief while firing warning shots into the garden of their convent.[4]


Little is known about the exact circumstances of the killing. Police and prosecutors suspect Lopez did not act alone, and may have teamed up with the far-right vigilantes preying on Bogota's prostitutes.[2] Granada's corpse was found on the side of a road near the city.[1] She had been shot multiple times in the head, her legs were missing, and her body had been burnt.[3] She was not identified as the missing Granada for five months,[3] and even then only after the FBI was asked to assist.[2]


Police arrested Lopez after becoming convinced Granada's killer was close to her.[1] Microscopic blood drops and bone fragments were found in Granada's room.[3] Detectives were hampered by detergent used to cleanse the scene and fresh paint added to the room.[1] A witness reported Lopez washing blood, supposedly menstrual, from Granada's bedding.[2] However, it wasn't enough and the case collapsed with Lopez freed after 17 months in custody.[3]

The FBI was called in again. FBI investigators used their technology to examine the room, and were able to show blood spatter patterns on the walls and a trail where the body had been dragged out of her room to a rear exit.[1] They also found cardboard in Lopez's room which matched that on the body.[2]

In January of 2002 Lopez was finally brought to justice and received a 14-year sentence for the murder.[3]