Lavinia Fisher

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Lavina Fisher (1793 - Feburary 18th, 1820) is said to be the first female American serial killer. She and her husband John lived in Charleston, South Carolina where they preyed on wealthy tourists.

Lavinia interrogated the tourists about their lives, then invited them up to their hotel room where they were offered poisoned tea. Once they were out cold, her husband would stab them to death. One guest, John Peebles, was offered tea, but hated it; and secretly poured it out.

But he found Lavinia's prying questions suspicious, so he slept in a chair in the room instead of in the bed. When he discovered what she and her husband were up to, he jumped out and alerted the authorities. Lavinia tried to use her marriage to John to avoid being executed by claiming they could not execute a married woman. John allegedly converted to Catholicism, but he was executed. Now with no excuse, Lavinia threw herself off the gallows. But the noose did not snap her neck; it took about 15 minuted for her to die. It is said that she haunts the Old Charleston Jail.