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Lauren Stuart was a woman from Keego Harbour, Michigan, USA. In February 2018 she murdered her husband Daniel and their two adult children Bethany and Steven. She also killed her dog and then herself. The crimes were triggered by the Stuart family experiencing isolation, depression, and emotional distress when they were shunned by their fellow Jehovah's Witnesses because the children went to college.


The Stuarts lived at the 2300 block of Cass Lake Road.[1] They were lifelong Jehovah's Witnesses until they decided they wished to break with their faith's teaching by sending their children to college.[1] Jehovah's Witnesses think this can cause "spiritual disaster".[2] Thereafter they were rejected by their community, including family members, since the church requires anyone who has left the religion to be shunned and avoided by those remaining faithful.[1][2]

Lauren Stuart worked as a model, cleaner, and personal trainer.[2] Husband Daniel Stuart was a computer scientist at the Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care within the University of Michigan where he was involved in inventing technology to predict heart attacks.[1] At the time of the murders Lauren was 45, Daniel was 47, Steven was 27, and Bethany was 24.[3]


The deaths were discovered on February 16, 2018 when a relative asked police to conduct a welfare check.[3] All had been shot in the head.[1] The family's pet dog was also killed and found in a bathtub.[1] Lauren left behind a lengthy suicide note but police kept its contents secret.[1]


Following the murders reporters and friends alike were critical of the Stuarts' family and church, with one friend going as far as storming the local Jehovah mission.[1][2]