László Endre

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László Endre (1st January 1895-29th March 1946) was a Hungarian politician and Nazi Party collaborator.

Having been born in Abony in 1895, Endre became involved in far-right politics, eventually joining the governing party under Béla Imrédy. Deciding that the country's Anti-Semitic laws were not strong enough, Endre began introducing legislation banning Jews from certain areas until the Interior Ministry reversed his changes.

In 1944, Adolf Hitler invaded Hungary and forced regent Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya to remove Imrédy' s successor Miklós Kállay from power and replace him with Nazi sympathiser Döme Sztójay, who appointed Endre state secretary to the Interior Ministry, where he worked with Minister of the Interior Andor Jaross and fellow state secretary László Baky to deport Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz Birkenau with help from Adolf Eichmann.

In September 1944, Horthy turned on the Nazis and removed Sztójay, Endre and others from power, only to be deposed and imprisoned by the Nazis, who put Arrow Cross Party leader Ferenc Szálasi in power, allowing him to bring back Endre. However, the war ended the following year and Endre was arrested in Austria and deported to Hungary, where he was convicted of Genocide and mass murder and executed by hanging in 1946.