Kevin Loibl

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Kevin Loibl
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Full Name: Kevin James Loibl
Alias: Kevin Loibl
Origin: St, Petersburg, Florida, United States
Occupation: Best Buy Worker
Skills: Close Range Shooting (briefly)
Hobby: Listening to Christina Grimmie's music

Being alone

Goals: Become Christina Grimmie's Boyfriend (failed)

Kill Christina Grimmie (succeeded)

Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Obsessed Murderer

Kevin James Loibl (March 10th, 1989 - June 10th, 2016) was a Florida man who murdered the singer Christina Grimmie.


Kevin Loibl was a deranged fan who had an abnormal infatuation with the singer, he lost weight and had hair and eye surgery, in an effort to be her boyfriend only to fail. He went too far, became a homicidal maniac, and finally killed the singer out of revenge. Kevin did not have any known mental problems says his family, but lived like a hermit, covering up the windows in his room with aluminum foil and heavy curtains to block out the light. Also, according to his father, Paul Loibl, he disliked noise and often wore earplugs.


Loibl brought two 9mm Glock handguns, a hunting knife, and extra ammunition to kill Christina Grimmie.


On Thursday, June 9, 2016, Loibl traveled to Orlando from his hometown, St. Petersburg, in a taxicab. On Friday, June 10, he arrived at The Plaza Live, where Grimmie was performing with the band Before You Exit. After the concert ended, Grimmie was signing autographs for her fans, including Loibl. She tried to give him a hug, but as she did so, Loibl shot her in the head and torso. Christina's brother, Mark Grimmie tackled the shooter, stopping him from harming anyone else. Loibl broke free from Mark's grapple, and committed suicide by inflicting a gunshot wound to his head.

Christina Grimmie was then rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead and buried in the Berlin Cemetery of her hometown.

The Orlando Sentinel described his motive as "If I can’t have you, then nobody else can and I'm going to possess you by taking your life." His family said that they were not aware of his plans to travel to Orlando nor that he possessed any guns. They also stated that they had never heard of Grimmie, or seen Loibl talk about her, nor watch The Voice. However, his only friend in the world claimed to have known about Loibl's obsession, though not the extent Loibl's coworkers stated the same. They also said Loibl would be angry and defensive when questioned about his obsession, and before the shooting had stated he was "tired and ready to ascend."

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