Kenneth Harrison

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My dear, at the corner of Washington and Kneeland Streets in a construction site there’ll be a man down in the water, dead. The Giggler…Ah ha ha ha…
~ Harrison identifies himself as "The Giggler" to a 911 operator after calling to inform the police that he killed Joe Breen.

Kenneth Harrison aka The Giggler (died 1989) was a serial killer active in Boston in 1967 and 1969.

Murder spree

In 1967, Harrison was working as a taxi driver when a six-year-old girl accepted a ride from him. Harrison stopped near the Fort Point Channel, lured the girl out and threw her into the water. Her body washed up, but the death was ruled an accident and Harrison got away with murder.

Two years later in 1969, Harrison's murderous urges surfaced again. On June 15th, Harrison met ex-marine Joe Breen in a bar, with Breen's friends having left to go to another bar. Harrison took Breen outside, then smashed his skull in before ditching his corpse. He then called 911 and told the operator where to find Breen's corpse, as well as identifying himself as "The Giggler" and laughing about the killing.

Later in 1969, Harrison strangled a seven-year-old boy to death with a piece of twine, once again telling the police where to find the body. Later still, he went back to Fort Channel Bridge and hurled an old woman to her death. However, police officers investigating the murder of Breen identified Harrison as the man he left the bar with and arrested him. In custody, Harrison confessed to all his crimes and was sentenced to life imprisonment four times over. Serving his sentence in Bridgewater State Hospital, Harrison claimed to have burned down the Paramount Hotel, although this was never proven. On April 20th 1989, Harrison committed suicide by taking an overdose of antidepressants.