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Kabelo Rodney Maake is a rapist and serial killer from Limpopo,[1] South Africa. Within months of serving a jail term for rape, Maake in 2010 lured three women on dates before robbing and killing them.

Background and murders

In October 2009 Maake was released on parole from a 17-year sentence for rape.[2] The following year he joined 1.5 million listeners to Clayson “TC” ­Monyela's show on Capricorn FM, which featured a lonely hearts slot where the public phoned in to arrange dates.[2] Via the show he arranged to meet Catherine Morema[3], a 25-year-old retail worker from Senwabarwana.[2] Maake met Morema in Mahwibidung village before robbing her in a deserted, bushy area and used a cloth to strangle her.[3] Maake robbed her of a handbag containing money, a phone, and a bank card[1] and left her corpse tied to a tree.[3] This murder was in June.[2]

The next was in September[2] and was of Mahlako Millicent Rachuene[3], also 25 and from Lebowakgomo.[2] The two again met at Mahwibidung and Maake robbed her, and forced her to call her family for ransom money.[3] He bound her hands behind her back and strangled her, using her bank card to steal money from her account.[1] She was also contacted via the radio show.[2]

His final victim was Mabotse Sinah Rasebotsa.[1] She was not contacted via the radio show.[2] He strangled her and robbed her after meeting her in Silubane village in November.[1]


Tip-offs led police to Maake and he was arrested a few months later.[1] He led police to the first victims, one was decomposing and the other was skeletal.[4] He had their posessions.[4] He received a life term for each murder, 15 years for each of three charges of kidnapping, and 15 years for each of three charges of robbery.[3]

Police used Capricorn FM to make a public safety announcement after the killings.[2] Maake admitted his crimes before the High Court.[3] He was sentenced on May 3rd, 2013.[1][3]


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