Judith Neelley

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Judith (on the right) with her husband Alvin (on the left)

Judith Ann Neelley (June 7th, 1964 - ) had a boyfriend named Alvin Neelley (either 1953 or 1954-2005).

She is from Tennessee while her boyfriend was from Georgia. The couple was involved in a Youth Development Center. They also abducted a 13-year-old girl named Lisa Ann Millican on September 25, 1982. Janice Chatman and John Hancock (not to be confused with the U. S. founding father) were also victims of Judith Neelley on October 4, 1982. John Hancock didn't die but Janice Chatman was taken to the Neelley's motel room, tortured, and killed. She was arrested on October 9, 1982. Alvin was put in jail fro 1983 until his death in November of 2005.


  • Ann's maiden name was Adams.