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1730 - Nordkorea 2015 - Pjöngjang - Juche Turm (22791978320).jpg
There Is a Victory for Socialism in the Guns and Bombs of the People's Army.
~ The Juche concept of Songun, credited to Kim Jong-il.

Juche is a system of Communist government created by the late Kim Il-sung and still practiced to this day in North Korea. It emerged during the Cold War and was first implemented during the Korean War to serve as the primary ideology of Kim Il-sung's Workers' Party of Korea.


Although in theory, Juche is supposed to signify that "man is the master of his destiny" and that the Korean masses are able to "act as the masters of the revolution and construction" with a focus on the individual, part of the Juche ideology is that a "great leader" such as Il-sung or his son Kim Jong-il is the "top brain" of the nation state of the DPRK, and is the supreme, absolute ruler of the people. Therefore, the working class is not to think for themselves, with the great leader instead being the top brain, and the one who makes all the decisions, answerable to no-one, not even government. This particular aspect of Juche means that the leader of the DPRK has divine status and is worshipped as a god, particularly the egotistical current leader Kim Jong-un.

Another one of the more villainous parts of Juche is the concept of Songun. This is a concept pioneered by Kim Jong-il, which gives a great deal of power to the army, leaving them answerable to only the current leader of the DPRK. This allows the army near-unlimited power within the DPRK, meaning they can crush all dissent, allowing the government of the DPRK to hold on to power. In creating Songun, Jong-il also made sure to prevent it from being stopped by abolishing the People's Committee and sidelining the Administration Council, leaving the Kim family room to do anything even within the party.