Jonathan Jimenez

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Jonathan Jimenez is a homeless US arsonist who destroyed a large 100-year-old apartment building on a freezing cold night on March 11, 2017.

Jimenez, 29, had drunk four bottles of brandy and taken crack cocaine before heading to his ex-girlfriend's empty apartment on Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, New York. There he set fire to clothes belonging to his ex which were of sentimental value. However, the fire spread out of control and engulfed the 26-unit three-storey building, endangering the 84 residents.

Jimenez did not do anything to help, but residents and firefighters managed to waken all those at danger and they escaped with their lives. Three firefighters were injured. Most victims lost all their belongings and an estimated $2.5 million was caused in damage.

Jimenez immediately admitted what he had done. Prosecutors allowed him to plead guilty to a reduced charge of attempted arson as nobody was seriously hurt, but sought and received the maximum sentence: 15 years in prison, then 5 years of supervised release. Jiminez cried and apologised at sentencing. His lawyer also pointed to mental ill health.