John Vorster

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John Vorster
John Vorster.jpg
Full Name: Balthazar Johannes "B. J." Vorster
Alias: John
Origin: Jamestown, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Occupation: State President of South Africa (1978 - 1979)
Prime Minister of South Africa (1966 - 1978)
Goals: Make South Africa become a whites-only country (failed)
Put Nelson Mandela for his life sentence (failed)
Crimes: Racism
War crimes
Type of Villain: Racist Politician

John "B.J." Vorster (December 13, 1915 - September 10, 1983) was the leader of South Africa from 1966 to 1978.


During World War II, He helped found the anti-British group called Ossewabrandwag and become a general in its extreme-wing made years later, He was soon to be gained a reputation for rigid enforcement of Apartheid policies. One week after Hendrik Verwoerd got assassinated by Dimitri Tsafendas, He was his successor. His allies with Henry Kissinger and Ian Smith in the order to quick changes in Africa, change of power in Southern Africa after the collapse of the Portuguese colonial empire in 1974 and He has offered much cooperation with African leaders trying to achieve a peaceful settlement of the continuing wars in Rhodesia and Southwest Africa, He was resigned due to health problems.