Joachim Peiper

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Joachim Peiper (January 30, 1915- July 14, 1976) was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Waffen-SS and a convicted war criminal who was responsible for the massacre of American Prisoners of War in the event known as the Malmedy Massacre on December 17, 1944.

Joachim Peiper was born on January 30, 1915 in the German Empire. He joined the Nazi Party in 1934 as a member of the Waffen-SS. He was a personal adjutant to SS Chief Heinrich Himmler from September 1939 to October 1941. During his time with Himmler, he took part in enforcing the Nazi Policies of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing. He was then transferred to a combat role and served with the 1st SS Panzer Division. Among his battles were the Third Battle of Kharkov and the Battle of the Bulge. He was responsible for the Boves Massacre of Italian Civilians in Italy in 1943 and the Malmedy Massacre of American Prisoners of War during the Battle of the Bulge on December 17, 1944. Peiper was convicted of War Crimes he was responsible for and was sentenced to death at the Malmedy Massacre Trial. However, the sentenced was commuted and he served 12 years in prison. He was murdered in France in 1976.