Jew Watch

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Jew Watch
Fullname: Jew Watch
Alias: N/A
Origin: N/A
Foundation: 1998
Headquarters: N/A
Commanders: Frank Weltner
Goals: To spread misinformation about Jewish individuals and Judaism

To promote the conspiracy that the Holocaust did not happen

Crimes: Attempting to deter money to Hurricane Katrina victims, and instead solicit those donations to be redirected to Jew Watch

Jew Watch (founded in 1998) is an antisemitic website associated with the Alt-Right. Much like Smoloko News, the main purpose of the website, founded by National Alliance member Frank Weltner, is to propagate misinformation about Judaism and Jewish individuals, along with promoting the belief that the Holocaust never happened. Jew Watch has received support from similar media, such as the white nationalistic and antisemitic website Stormfront.

Website Content

The content of Jew Watch bears a striking similarity to the propaganda enforced during Nazi Party. Apart from believing that the Holocaust never occurred, Jew Watch also promotes the age-old conspiracy that the general Jewish population is in control of the media and the banking.

Jew Watch also promotes homophobia, misogyny, anti-communism, pseudohistory, and pseudoscience.