Jesse James

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Jesse James
Full Name: Jesse Woodson James
Alias: Robin Hood
Origin: Born in Kearney, Missouri
Occupation: Confederate Soldier (1861-1865)

Bank robber

Skills: Gun Slinger

Gang Leader

Hobby: Robbing Trains
Goals: Redistribute wealth to the Poor
Crimes: Robbery,

War Crimes ,Centralia Massacre, Torture of Prisoners of War ,Slave Owner

Type of Villain: Western Outlaw

Jesse James (September 5th, 1847 - April 3rd, 1882) was an infamous bank robber in the Wild West era. His gang recorded the first ever daytime robbery, where they stole $60,000, which was unheard of prior. His brother, Frank James, was his sidekick and fellow Outlaw.


Jesse James was born on September 5th, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri to Robert and Zerelda James on a small Ranch. During the American Civil War Jesse James joined a Confederate guerrilla war organization well known for its Various War Crimes such as the Platte River Bridge Tragedy and the Lawrence Massacre.

After the war, He married Zerelda Mimms (HIS COUSIN) and had three children.

He robbed various trains, banks, and stagecoaches from Missouri to Minnesota and was known to give out a majority of the wealth he stole to the poor with the help of his Brother Frank and his gang.

it all came to an end when gang member Robert Ford betrayed Jesse. On April 3rd, 1882, Robert Broke into Jesse's vacation home in St. Joseph, Missouri and shot him in the head While he was hanging a picture on the wall. Robert was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death by hanging but was eventually pardoned.