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Inderjit Kainth (1957-) was a man who killed a 16 year old girl called Rosie Ross while she sunbathed in May 12 2001.

He was later found with Schizophrenia.

Inderjit Kainth
Inderjit Kainth.jpg
Full Name: Inderjit Kainth
Alias: Rosie Ross Murderer
Origin: 1957
Occupation: Unknown
Skills: Killing
Hobby: Unknown
Goals: Kill Rosie Ross (Succesful)
Crimes: Stalking

Attempted murder
Domestic Abuse (possibly)
Child Abuse (possibly)
Resisting to prison

Type of Villain: Mentally III Murderer


In May 12 2001,16 year old Rosie Ross & her friend Sarah Elstop were in the mall before they stopped for a little bit to sunbathe,Rosie Ross said she could "sunbathe here all day" when Inderjit Kainth,who was 44 in the time,came and killed her with a knife,he was later captured by Kain Jason,Matthew Brown & Marcus Freckleton who forced him to go back to the crime scene,where the medicals where to save Rosie's life,he was then sent to police,he shows no regret for the crime,he actually was relieved for what he has done,he was sent to a mental hospital,the medicals then tried to save Rosie Ross's life,but unfortunely failed,as she died 5 hours later at the hospital bed.

Sean Ross & Karen Ross (Rosie Ross's Parents)'s responses to the crime

Rosie Rose's parents,Karen and Sean Ross, did a charity that lasted to 2001 to 2017,the reason they ended it in 2017 was because it was the 16th birthday of the murder,the same amount of years they had Rosie Ross before she was killed.

Rosie Ross's parents used to buy presents every Christmas for Rosie and Alex,that Christmas they were going to get candles in memory of their daughter,they always liked to think Rosie was coming back,but sadly she was never coming back to them.


  • He is very similar to Liu Hongwen:both are mentally III killers with Schizophrenia which cases are not well known,however,the only difference is that atleast Liu Hongwen had remorse for his actions,was a extremist,was insecure,has a tragic past and was On & Off, while Inderjit Kainth does not show any redeeming qualities.
  • According to some people,he has 5 children,it's unknown their children's genders either their names,and what they said about their father's actions towards Rosie Ross,and what they thinked about "Rosie's Helping Hands".
  • It's unknown why his divorced wife divorced him for, and what she thinked about her divorced husband's horrible actions.
  • Inderjit Kainth's fate is currently unknown,he's possibly still is in the mental hospital, or got killed by somebody.
  • He had no history of schizophrenia cases until May 12th 2001, where he showed the world his true colors murdering Rosie Ross.
  • He had a really nice female friend who he doesn't see since 1974.
  • He once tried to kill a female police officer, but was stopped.
  • It was reported Inderjit sometimes talked alone, swearing and laughing to himself for hours.