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A depiction of incest between a father and his two daughters.
Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother.
~ Deuteronomy 27:22

Incest is the act of committing sexual activity (consensual or non consensual) with a closely related relative. This can include parents, uncles, aunt, siblings, children, nephews and nieces. It is typically perpetrated by elder relatives onto younger, such as parents onto their children and elder siblings unto their youngest. As with rape, it can happen between a male and a female, two males or two females.

While not necessarily non-consensual, perpetrators of incest often gaslight and manipulate their victims. In most cases it is perpetrated on children, as they are more malleable and naive and perpetrators tend to dismiss the age of consent as arbitrary. Survivors of incest have been reported to suffer psychological trauma, including dissociative identity disorder and dissociative amnesia.

There are a few incest apologists online, who argue for legalisation of incest and "full marriage equality". They attempt to link their cause with LGBTQ+ rights or civil rights, drawing false equivalencies with them and inadvertently damaging them. They have also been accused of defending rape and pedophilia.

In addition, when two people with the same genes interbreed, the children resulting from the mating are at high risk of developing genetic diseases by recessively inherited. The existence of such dangerous risks is also one of the reasons why incest is regulated.

Villains who committed incest