Imre Nagy

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Imre Nagy
Imre Nagy 1945.jpg
Full Name: Imre Nagy
Alias: Kulak
Origin: Kaposvár, Hungary
Goals: Dispose of the German-Hungarian population (succeeded)
Become the Hungarian Head of State (succeeded)
Reform the Hungarian government (failed)
Crimes: Soviet collaboration
Mass murder
Ethnic cleansing
Type of Villain: Corrupt official

Imre Nagy was a Hungarian communist politician. He served as Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Hungarian People's Republic from 1953 to 1955. In 1956, Nagy became leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which was against the Soviet-backed government. As a result, he was executed two years later.

Despite being seen as an anti-Soviet hero in Hungary due to his role in the Hungarian Revolution, Nagy was in fact ardently pro-Soviet, even serving as an NKVD informer from 1933 until 1944, during which time he betrayed over 200 comrades to the Soviets. Due to his role as a denouncer, Nagy received the backing of the Soviet leadership post-World War II.

During the early days of Soviet rule in Hungary post-war, Nagy oversaw the deportation of Hungarian Germans, an act of ethnic cleansing. He also participated in the purges of supposedly disloyal officials. He signed the order for János Kádár's arrest and torture (although he would later release him while in power).