Heriberto Seda

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Heriberto Seda
Heriberto Seda.jpg
Full Name: Heriberto Seda
Alias: Eddie
Skills: Attention to detail in serial killings
Hobby: Idolizing serial killers
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Copycat Serial Killer

Heriberto "Eddie" Seda better know as The New York Zodiac Killer is a serial killer and the most (in)famous copycat of the Zodiac Killer.


Seda, apparently a religious fanatic who lived with his mother and half-sister Gladys "Cachi" Reyes in East New York, despite being a religious man, he idolized serial killer Ted Bundy. He spent most of his time reading serial killer books and violent magazines such as Soldiers of Fortune. However, there was one single serial killer he idolized more than Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, whom he believed to be a servant of God himself.

The Copycat Zodiac Killings

After creating zip guns and explosives, he sent a Zodiac Killer-Style letter to the New York 13th Precint saying that people would die soon. Mario Orozc(Scorpio) was his first victim, shot in the back but survived. 3 weeks later he shot Germán Montenegro (Gemini). The next victim was Joe Proce (Taurus), who died days later. Worried about the case, the authorities started a operation with the sole purpose to catch him, called "Operatior Watchdog". Larry Parham (Cancer) became his next victim. After stopping killing until 1992 for unknown reasons, he shot and stabbed Patricia Fonti (Leo), killing her and only returning 2 years later, when he attacked Jim Weber (Libra), Joseph Diacone (Virgo) and Diane Ballard (another Taurus). Months after being arrested for being in possession of a zip gun, he shot an unidentified man non-fatally. After sending a strange letter to The New York Post, he stopped killing. He was arrested again 3 years later for the attempted murder of his sister Cachi Reyes and her unnamed male friend. He intentionally draw zodiac symbols on his confession, turning him into the prime suspect for the killings. His palm prints and fingers matched the evidence. He was sentenced to 83-and-a-half years and 152-and-a-half years in an alternate trial. He spends most of his time in prison reading the Bible.