Henri-Paul Drouin

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Henri-Paul Drouin
Full Name: Henri-Paul Drouin
Alias: Henri-Paul


Origin: Quebec, Canada
Occupation: The Veilleux-Drouin Family member
Skills: Gun
Hobby: Abusing and bullying his ex-girlfriend Diane Veilleux.
Goals: Get revenge on Diane Veilleux for dumping him for another man. Kill Diane Veilleux (both succeeded). Kill Karine Veilleux and Melanie Veilleux (failed). Commit suicide by killing himself with a gun (succeeded).
Crimes: Murder

Attempted familicide
Domestic abuse (implied)

Type of Villain: Suicidal Abuser

Henri-Paul Drouin (born in 1937 and died in 1981) is an Quebecer murderer who killed his ex-girlfriend Diane Veilleux for dumping him for another man in front of his two young daughters Karine Veilleux and Melanie Veilleux before committing suicide in front of his daughters, leaving them orphaned for good. He is an alcoholic man who has serious alcohol problems despite having an normal life with one of his ex-girlfriends named Mrs. Drouin and was dumped by her for being drunk, he moves in with Diane Veilleux and they had two daughters named Karine and Melanie. An drama began to occur when Henri-Paul gets drunk and commits domestic abuse in front of Karine and Melanie. Diane Veilleux dumps him for another man who is less abusive than him, leaving Henri-Paul jealous of her after he caught her dating another man who is better than him.

Henri-Paul Drouin, still drunk enters by force in Diane's house and begins to murder her with his gun in front of his daughters, still drunk Henri-Paul points his gun at Melanie before killing himself in front of her and Karine, leaving them as the sole survivors from family drama. Melanie and Karine are rescued by René Vaudreuil who knows Diane Veilleux and takes them to Foster Care after these latter are traumatized and witnessed from a drama.

Now as an grown-up, Karine creates a roman book "I was three years old when my father killed my mother" after suffering an traumatism when she was three years old.