Hell's Angels

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Hell's Angels is a motorcycle gang that has an infamous rivalry with Outlaw Motorcycle Club. It was started in California by Scottish-American war immigrants and named for the squadron they flew in during World War II, and now has chapters in 29 countries, 27 American states, and all 9 Canadian provinces. Only good motorcycle riders who own Harley-Davidsons can join, and there have been a few black members, though a few have hinted that blacks don't belong in the gang. The main black alternative is the Dragons. Their crimes include extortion; assault; and drug trafficking. Other big motorcycle gangs are the Bandidos and the Pagans.

Controversial Events

The Altamont Festival/Murder of Meredith Hunter

In 1969, british rock-band The Rolling Stones organized a free-festival in the Altamont Highway (USA). They hired Hell´s Angels as security. The event ended up being a mess, with at least 5 casualities. Meredith Hunter, an African-American man, pulled out a gun. As the song "Sympathy for the Devil" was playing, Hunter was stabbed multiple times by one of the gang members, causing his death.

River Run Riot

On April 27, 2002, Hell's Angels confronted Mongols at Harrah's Laughlin, where many bikers attending the River Run rally in Laughlin, Nevada were staying. They believed the Mongols, a rival of the Angels, had been harassing vendors selling Hells Angels merchandise. Mongols President Roger Pinney attempted to defuse the situation, but an Angel rushed a Mongol, and the two gangs began attacking each other with knives, clubs, bar stools, and anything else they could get their hands on. One Mongol and two Angels were killed. The incident was caught on the casino's security cameras.

Criminal activities

Many Hells Angels have engaged in various criminal enterprises. These typically include drug trafficking, contract killings, and arms traffficking. Some Angels collaborate with American Mafia families to transport drugs, and they have also laundered their money from these enterprises into legitimate businesses. In addition, they frequently engage in turf battles with other motorcycle gangs, including bombing their clubhouses. A notable example of this was the Great Nordic Biker War of the 1990s in which the Angels bombed Bandidos clubhouses in Denmark and Norway using grenade launchers stolen from the military. Sometimes the Hells Angels clash with non-motorcycle gangs over drug trafficking, such as in Denmark where they used a support gang, AK81, to drive Turkish and other immigrant gangs out of their territory.

In 2019, the Netherlands banned the Hells Angels organization, deeming it a significant threat to public safety and the rule of law.

Officially, the Hells Angels deny that the organization is behind any of these crimes, and claim that they are solely the responsibility of those involved.



  • Bacchus MC
  • Galloping Goose MC
  • American Mafia(In New York and New England)
  • Sinaloa Cartel


  • Mongols MC
  • Outlaws MC
  • American Mafia(in Philadelphia)
  • Pagans MC