Heidi Jones

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I made it up for attention. I have so much stress at work, with my personal life and with my family.
~ Heidi Jones giving her reasons for falsely reporting that she was assaulted

Heidi Jones is a meterologist turned villainess, having worked at WABC in New York and also filled in on ABC's Good Morning America.

On December 1, 2010, Heidi phoned police in New York claiming that a man had attacked and sexually assaulted her while jogging in Central Park. According to Heidi, the attack took place on September 24, and she added that the same man went after her again at her apartment in late November. Heidi described the man as a Latino, leading to police questioning and interviewing a man fitting Heidi's description, only to let him go afterwards.

When police interviewed Heidi again at midnight on December 13, she later admitted that she made up the story and there was no rape, leading to Heidi being arrested for her actions. As revealed later on, Heidi turned heel and created the false story solely to get attention; claiming that stress in her professional and personal lives led to Heidi becoming an attention-seeking villainess. In September of 2011, Heidi entered a guilty plea on the charges against her, and a month later, she was sentenced to three years probation and 350 hours of community service, as well as being ordered to seek psychiatric counseling.