Haunani-Kay Trask

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Too bad, Mr. Carter, you are a haole and you always will be...If Mr. Carter does not like being called haole, he can return to Louisiana. Hawaiians would certainly benifet from one less haole on our land.
~ Haunani-Kay Trask

Haunani-Kay Trask (October 3rd, 1949 - ????) is a Hawaiian nationalist responsible for the foundation of the so-called "Hawaiian supremacy" movement. Although generally popular in Hawaii, she has been accused of being racist against White people due to her constant use of the racial slur "haole", including when she rejected the concept of feminism as a "haole intrusion", and another incident when she responded to a student at the University of Hawaii named Joey Carter saying that "haole" was a racial slur by calling him a haole and requesting he leave Hawaii because "Hawaiians would benefit from one less haole on our land". She was also accused of racism after the publication of her poem "racist white woman", which many people pointed out essentially calls for White people to be killed as retribution for the colonization of Hawaii:

Racist White Woman
I could kick
Your face, puncture
Both eyes.
You deserve this kind
Of violence.
No more vicious
Tongues, obscene
Just a knife
Slitting your tight
Little heart.
For all my people
Under your feet.
For all those years
Lived smug and wealthy
Off our land.
Parasite arrogant
A fist
In your painted
Mouth, thick
With money
And piety.

Trask has been stated as currently suffering from cancer, and there are reports she may have died of a stroke around 2018, although this is disputed by most people.