Harrison Norris

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Harrison Norris, Jr. (born 1966) is an American Gulf War U.S. Army veteran, retired professional wrestler and former 2001 Toughman heavyweight champion, best known by his ring name Hardbody Harrison. In 2007, he was sentenced to life in prison for his part in a sex trafficking and forced labor ring.

Sex trafficking

In 2007, Harrison was convicted on charges related to keeping eight women as sex slaves in two homes he owned in Cartersville, Georgia. During proceedings, for which he served as his own attorney, Harrison contended the women lived in his homes with his wife and child because they wanted to train as professional wrestlers, and that he had helped them quit drugs. Witnesses contended that Harrison played mind games, forced them to have sex with him, and required the women to participate in large sex orgies where they engaged in sexual activity with up to eight men at a single party. The victims contended that Harrison's rigid training regimen, consisting of a wide variety of exercises and household chores, and having to memorize a series of "commandments" was designed to make them attractive prostitutes, and that he pimped them out to nightclubs, trailer parks and parties until a few of the women went to the police. Failure to complete chores or breaking rules required the women to pay money to Harrison, creating a neverending debt cycle.

Upon conviction, Harrison was sentenced to life in prison.