Harriet Sharp

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Harriet Sharp is a woman from Cleveleys, England[1] who is serving an eleven-year prison sentence for stabbing her fiancé on three separate occasions.[2]

Sharp and Martyn Brown, who had been at school together, lived together with Sharp's mother Jane in a one-bedroom flat in Beach Road.[3] Brown and Sharp planned to marry in October 2016 but this was canceled when she left him hospitalized after her first attack on him.[2] This involved her swiping a knife down his chest and he had a six-inch scar.[3]

Her second attack came in December [2]when she stabbed him and repeatedly scraped a knife over his wrist until it cut through to the bone in a crescent-shaped wound.[3] Sharp, who was a controlling alcoholic,[2] launched her final attack on Brown on January 10th, 2017, while the couple was drinking lager with a neighbor.[3] She stabbed him in the chest and stomach,[3] leaving him covered in blood and in fear of his life[2] before faking stomach pain and calling herself an ambulance.[3] Brown finally revealed the abuse to paramedics when they realized he was seriously injured, saying he was ashamed.[2] Sharp showed no concern for him and his relationship with her has left him with PTSD and suicidal thoughts which he has tried to act upon.[3]

Sharp was charged with wounding Brown on the first two occasions and attempted murder on the third, appearing in court on January 13th, 2017, for the first time.[1] She ultimately pled guilty to three counts of malicious wounding with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.[2]


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