Hans Kammler

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Hans Kammler
Full Name: Hans Kammler
Origin: Stettin, German Empire
Occupation: Lieutenant Nazi General
Skills: Intelligence
Crimes: Genocide
War crimes
Crimes against humanity
Mass murder
Type of Villain: Nazi Official

Hans Kammler (August 26, 1901 - May of 1945?) was an SS Obergruppenführer (Lieutenant General) in charge of the V-2 rocket programs which were used to fight off the Allied forces. It is also believed he was working on an atomic bomb for the Nazi government called "Die Glocke".


He was deputy to Oswald Pohl for the SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt which oversaw Amtsgruppe D (Amt D), the Administration of the Concentration camp system, and was also Chief of Amt C, which designed and constructed all the concentration and extermination camps.

Helped out in planning of the gas chambers at Auschwitz Birkenau and was directly involved on resettlement operations related to Jews and other people.

Toward the end of the war he was responsible for the massive tunnel building at Jonastal, a project whose final purpose is unknown as it was never completed. This construction cost the lives of many inmates of Buchenwald camp.

Death accounts

Hans Kammler's fate remains a mystery to this date. His aide Heinz Zeuner in 1965 stated that Kammler had died on May 7, 1945, via suicide and that his corpse had been observed by him and other SS personal, the only problem with his statement is that Zeuner was captured on May 2 by American forces. However, this is corroborated by another account by Kurt Preuk (Kammler's personal driver) stated that he died on or around May 10, although he did not know the cause, and that both Zeuner and Preuk were present for his burial.

Wehramcht General Walter Dornberger (original head of the V-2 rocket program) claimed that Kammler's aide-de-camp Sturmbannführer Starck shot Kammler to avoid him falling into Soviet troops after a fierce battle with Czech resistance fighters.

And there are reports from a OSS agent named Donald W. Richardson who died in 1997, claimed that Kammler was captured and secretly located away in a prison in the United States, where he was kept in extreme isolation until he committed suicide. This is corroborated by several documents from the US Strategic Air Force which make reference to Obergruppenführer Kammler being among the Luftwaffe personnel captured after the Battle of Berlin.