Giuseppe Zangara

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Giuseppe Zangara
Full Name: Giuseppe Zangara
Origin: Ferruzzano, Calabria, Kingdom of Italy
Occupation: Bricklayer
Goals: To Assassinate President Roosevelt (failed)
Crimes: Third degree of murder
Type of Villain: Mad Failed Assassin

Giuseppe Zangara was a working-class Italian immigrant who attempted to assassinate the now then-president-elect  Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 15th, 1933.

Early Life

Giuseppe was born on September 7th, 1900, in  Ferruzzan, Italy. After serving in Tyrol Alps during World War I. In 1923 He and his family moved to America and settled on Paterson, New Jersey, looking for jobs. Giuseppe was poorly in education and was a bricklayer with very bad health. Giuseppe was suffering from abdomen pain when he was 6 yr old, Which doctor had given him some surgery server times but it was no help. The pain came from to much work when he was a child when working on his family farm. 

Assassination Attempted & Aftermath 

On February 15th, 1933 in the state of Flordia, Mami Roovsebelt was given his speech at night behind an open car, He attempted to assassinate the elected president with an armed.32 S&W Iver Johnson Revolver that he brought for $8 dollars. At 5ft standing on a wobbly mental chair, he stands because he could not see his target. But after his first shot bunch of people started to hold him before the police came.

After the attempted assassination he was sentenced to the electric chair for thrid-degree murder.

Some theorizer theory that he was a hired assassin for by Al Capone.