George Chapman

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George Chapman
Full Name: Severin Antoniovich Klosowski
Alias: George Chapman

The Borough Poisoner

Origin: Nagórna, Warsaw Governorate, Congress Poland
Occupation: Barber (formerly)

Hairdresser (formerly)
Surgeon (formerly)
Serial killer

Skills: Surgical skills

Knowledge on poisons
Knife skills
High intelligence

Hobby: Poisoning his wives
Goals: Get away with his crimes (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Serial Killer

You've got Jack the Ripper at last!
~ Inspector Frederick Abberline upon Chapman's arrest, accusing him of being Jack the Ripper.

He was born as Severin Antoniovich Klosowski in Poland on December 14th, 1865. He failed to obtain a surgical degree in Poland. He arrived in England in 1888. He was employed as a barber's assistant in London's East End. He married fellow Polish immigrant, Lucy Baderski, and his wife from Poland immigrated to London too. He and Lucy immigrated to America where Lucy remained. He returned to England in 1892 and lived with Annie Chapman. He adopted her name of Chapman. He left her and moved in with Mrs. Mary Spink. He set a barber shop in Hastings, London. She played the piano while he cut hair. Six months later, they were managing the Prince of Wales Public House off City Road in London. His first murder victim, Mary died in late 1897 from consumption. She was buried in a common grave. His second murder victim, Bessie Taylor took over her duties at the bar and in George's bedroom. She died in February 1899. The third murder victim, Maud Marsh worked at Monument's Public House and in George's bed. They took over the Crown Public House. She died from poisoning on October 22nd, 1902. He was arrested, convicted, and hanged on April 7th, 1903 at Wandsworth Prison for the murder of Maud Marsh. He was suspected of being Jack the Ripper and even Inspector Abberline was reported to have said (upon Chapman’s arrest): “You've got Jack the Ripper at last!”. but it was probably an impossible theory.